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Re: Filtering/ignore buttons on threads?

Gernot Hassenpflug wrote:
David, I have no idea who might be first on your list. I am not involved in any flame wars, nor do I have grudges against people on Aikiweb. It is just easier to get through large amounts of stuff this way when I am looking for some specific information. That is why I like to call it "filtering" and not "killfiling", because when I have the info I want I can change the filter to look for other stuff. I have no objection to being killfiled or filtered by anyone, it's an open forum after all.
Gernot, I forgot to put in my last post, I intend to use it the same way you want to. It is tedious to go through extremely long post between two or three people arguing over the same thing without end when you are looking for specific information or specific poster.
Thanks for the information about the igno--er filtering tip.
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