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Re: Back Problems

Ahmad Abas wrote:
I recently injured my back carrying some bags up a couple of floors. When I was carrying them, there were no problems. And as far I know, I'm quite capable of carrying around 60-70kg over my shoulders. The stuff I was carrying might have weighed at 20kg or so...and had to be carried with both hands in front of me.
One really big problem with saying that "my back hurts" is that a "back" is not a "back" is not a "back" -- there are SOOOOO many possibilities! You can turn this disconnect into a party game. Gather up your troops, close eyes, and have everybody put a finger on his "back" (or "shoulder" or "leg" or "foot".) You will be astonished at the differences of perception. That said, I can think of several possibilities for injury, but WHERE exactly does your back hurt? What you do about it depends on what you've done.
About 15 years back . . . an MRI showed that I had spinal protusion on the lowest disc. A recent MRI showed no change. Although it was painful then, it never occured again unless I strained my back (like doing the boat exercise for the stomach). I've been practising aikido for some 7 years and have never had any problems with my back even though we take hard ukemis a lot.
As Janet pointed out, the ubiquitous MRI has pretty much destroyed the notion that "your back pain is due to that there bulging disc." There was an astonishing lack of correlation between the discs, their bulgy-ness (or not) and back pain (or lack of it). I'd say that if you saw a bulgy disc 15 years ago and no real problems since, that attributing back pain to that disc was probably a case of "Point & Shoot Diagnostics," i.e., "We've got a problem, what could it be? Oh look! There's a bulging disc! Aha! That must be It!" Well, maybe. Maybe not . . .
The doctor said it was a muscle problem not a nerve problem. But somehow, I think its a little bit of both.
Did the doctor say WHICH muscle? WHICH nerve? You've got some 600 muscles in your body, some 200 in the torso. Two big issues in your post are:

1. You were carrying weight with arms forward.
2. You were carrying a load upstairs.

This presents several different possibilities.

-- Back muscles ("muscles above the buttocks") NB. tight paraspinals can cause bulging discs.

-- Calf muscles. Yes, calf muscles. Strain the soleus muscle (of the calf, which you could easily have done by walking body weight + load up stairs) and you will have pain referred down the calf to the heel, then skipping up to the SI joint (again, where do you hurt!??) and then appearing in face and jaw. But it still comes down to: WHERE, exactly, do you hurt?
Are there any remedial stuff I can do in your experience?
Indeed there is! Treat the problem -- not the symptom. But the way to determine the problem is by the symptoms. For any hope of Diagnosing Over the Internet (not recommended but hey! we're talking hypothetically here!), you have to SHOW the bodywork folks just what -- and where -- the symptoms actually are. Thanks to the tattoo thread, I just realized that we can post pics. Can you post a picture of your pain pattern?

Carol Shifflett
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