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Nick Pagnucco
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Re: Recommend good DVDs?

Rhami Beheisoue wrote:
As for DVD's, I found the Mustard sensei and Chida sensei DVD's released by the Sendokan dojo in Canada to be infinitely helpful in understanding the logic behind individual techniques (riai) and I return to them often during my training.

The Yoshinkan Honbu released a series of tapes/DVD's that explain the kihon for nearly every kihon waza...probably not too interesting to many of the aikikai people out there, but the explanations of the techniques have merit in all styles of aikido because of their similarities/crossovers.
Great, thanks!
In the thread recommending books, people rave about a book or two by Shioda, so I'd expect there'd be some good yoshinkan dvds out there.
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