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Re: Recommend good DVDs?

Don_Modesto wrote:
A nice visual of Saotome's stuff is here:

What do you think about the differences?
Hmm... well, with my inexperienced eye... it looks like in the Iwama katas keep both hands on the handle of the bokken more, start less from the position where the weapon is back & down, and there seem to be more attacks on 'upswings'.

Did Saotome Sensei have a background in sword from a koryu or something before aikido?

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
What I didn't like, in this context it is very easy to pretend to be a big fighter by doing 'applications' . Make effords to present himself better then he is. That's it. This false thing I was looking for better wording it -- situation becomes false and .............funny........ Applications you are doing against not preaaranged attacks, that makes sens. And techniques are not pretty at all. And you fail your techniques very often.
Ok then, a question:
What are some videos, dvds, or downloadable clips of what you think aikido should look like? Aside from o-sensei, of course

EDIT: used a better quote

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