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Re: Back Problems

Don't do anything if you have chronic pain. If and when bearable get up and walk around. When your back stops hurting strengthen up your stomach muscles either with isometrics or abdominal crunches and very gentle stretching. when your back is generally feeling good start leg raising (on the bed) ie/ raise your knees to 45 - 90 degrees to start and just do what is comfortable as far as reps are concerned, when that gets easy raise the feet to 45 - 90 degrees, when that gets easy you should find that your back is getting the support it needs through strengthening your abs.
When your back is good try isometric back exercise ie/ keeping your back.straight try pulling your backside up to your shoulders
(this can be done lying on your front or standing up) If you are overweight, cut down on carbs and eat plenty of oily fish, protein, veg and fruit. Drink plenty of water.
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