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Originally posted by Largo
In my old dojo a fair number of us would go drinking afterwards... but I can't think of anything else specific.
(pre-flame note: 1) this was a karate dojo 2)This was a college club, and we were all about the same age, and were legal. I know this probably wasn't a typical dojo.)
I dont think you need to worry about getting flamed for that one. For quite a few of us, having a beer or two together after training is normal. Its a good chance for people to get to know each other better, and talk about stuff (aikido and otherwise) that you wouldn't really discuss in the dojo.

(And coming back to the 'welcoming beginners' theme, at the dojo(s)where I practice, we're always sure to mention to newbies that we usually have a drink together in the pub, and cordially invite them to join us.)

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