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David Yap
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Re: "super" high ranking yudansha?

Jakob Blomquist wrote:
Mr Yap, where do you get the number 115 000 from? Is that the most resent shodan register number you know of? or have you asked hombu dojo about it.
Hi Jakob,
Thanks for the question. The numbers are based on mathematical calculation and assumptions. Since you asked, I realized the equations are not right. So let's re-work them again here:

186,000 shodan certificates and 42,000 nidan certificates issued, assuming all 42,000 nidans were promoted from shodan, then 144,000 shodanswere not promoted.
16,000 sandan certificates were issued, that leaves 26,000 nidans not promoted.
7,500 yondan certificates were issued, that leaves 8,500 sandans not promoted.
3,400 godan certificates were issued, that leaves 4,100 yondans not promoted.
1,500 rokudan certificates were issued, that leaves 1,900 godans not promoted.
363 nanadan certificates were issued, that leaves 1,137 rokudans not promoted.
And finally, 73 hachidan certificates were issued, that leaves 290 nanadans not promoted. (As I've said, some of the hachidans would been promoted to kudan & judan)

The total number of people who have been issued Aikikai yudansha certificates is 186,000. Again, let me stress that these numbers are guesstimates based on the above assumptions. Some of the people who were "not promoted" might gone over to other schools, i.e. Yoshinkan, Ki Aikido, Tomiki, etc.

Again, FWIW

David Y

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