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Ethan Weisgard
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Re: Steven Seagal Interview

A long time ago, there was an article in Vanity Fair magazine. Steven Seagal was actually on the cover of this issue. The title of the article was "Black Belt, White Lies."
I don't have a copy of the magazine any longer. It was an in-depth article, very well researched as far as I could tell.

According to the information on their website, Vanity Fair back issues only go back to 1999, for back issues before this date they recommend going to a chiropractor (!)

For those who are interested, if it were possible to find this issue, it would give a perspective on the subject of Mr. Seagal's aikido history. The writers took much of what is being discussed here in this forum, and really worked on uncovering what they could regarding these subjects.

There was also an article written shortly after the first interview that appeared in Black Belt magazine with Mr. Seagal. This was shortly after the first of his movies was released. This article was a follow-up interview, with explanations by him when asked about his training under O-Sensei. The journalists asked questions regarding the chronology that is the basis of much of the debate.
Has anyone else read this article?

In Aiki,

Ethan Weisgard
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