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David Yap
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Re: "super" high ranking yudansha?

David Racho wrote:
I don't understand the text, but I can read numbers. Now if there was only a way to show the names...
Hi David R,
These numbers, if correct, show the cumulative total of certificates issued for each rank as of 2005. Based on these numbers, the total number of Aikikai yudansha would be 136,547 as follows:

Shodan - 115,164
Nidan - 13,164
Sandan - 3,164
Yondan - 2,164
Godan - 1,464
Rokudan - 1,064
Nanadan - 290
Hachidan - 73

A small number of the 73 8th dans would have received the 9th dan or 10th dan (K Tohei, G Shioda, K Sunadomari, M Hikitsuchi, R Shirata, M Saito, S Okumura and H Tada, etc.).

Assuming that there are 1.5 million Aikikai practitioners, only 9.1% are yudansha.


David Y
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