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Tim Griffiths
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Originally posted by ca
I think what you described sounds like what my first dojo called 'formal shikko'...we did the feet together for technique, formal for moving forward to receive test certificates from sensei...

That makes some sense. Certainly in the middle of a
technique you don't want to use this kind of shikko (esp.
turning as in shihonage or kaitenage). The 'formal'
version seems more for moving while being centred
and 'prepared' - those pesky ninja are everywhere
(you just can't see them).

As for carpet burns, you'll get those if you put too much
pressure on the feet - the calves and knees have to be
pretty limp.

Talking of carpet burns, during a weekend course we
had a few weeks ago we spent a morning training
on a gymnastics training mat - basically carpet tiles
over thick foam padding. People doing breakfalls
would bounce completely back off the floor. Because
it was carpet, by the end of the morning everyone
had burns on their feet and forearms - some really
badly. You can still tell in the dojo who tucks their
toes under at the end of a roll, and who doesn't, but
the scarring on the top of the foot.

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