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Re: "super" high ranking yudansha?

I found it. hehehe.

Här är det ungefärliga antalet personer som erhållit de olika dangraderna i Aikikai (2005):

1. shodan 186.000
2. nidan 42.000
3. sandan 16.000
4. yondan 7.500
5. godan 3.400
6. rokudan 1.500
7. nanadan 363
8. hachidan 73
9. kudan ingen uppgift
10. yudan ingen uppgift
I don't understand the text, but I can read numbers. Now if there was only a way to show the names...

Here's the article about Tamura.

For example, Tamura Sensei was 4th dan when I started aikido and now both of us have the same rank. And it's obvious to everybody, including myself, that there is a big difference between he and I. By the way, Tamura Sensei was recently promoted to 9th dan but he humbly refused it. I feel like I should have refused my 8th dan promotion.

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