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Re: Ueshiba vs. Gun Squad

I had heard the stoy before Shiodas book had come out. I would say I believe it. Reaction times are about 1/4 second (much slower than a bullet). What is required is the judgement of when someone is going to fire. Basically if a group of people all fire at once and aim at you directly, and you can judge when they will fire, dodging bullets is not that difficult. 'intuition' is a key skill to develop in aikido. Ueshiba said he could see golden bullets - I think that is a mystical way of saying he could predict when someone was going to fire. Dodging bullets from an untrained person would be much more difficult (as you don't know where they are firing!)

P.S. the speed of a bullet is dependent on the length of the barrel, so modern bullets don't necessarily travel faster.

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