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Re: nonsense

Lee Mulgrew wrote:
the thruth this statement is false, the translation could read that he eithter walked on, walked through or on the water depending on your defenition of the aramaic text that was used.
See this is really interesting, I read a similar thing about moses parting the red sea. The text for red and reed is apparently similar in aramaic, and there was a stretch of water next to the red sea which was filled with reeds, the pilgrims would have been able to get through, but any kind of chariot would have had great trouble getting through it. As the years went on I guess the story got glorified (as always happens). A similar thing may have happened with the o'sensei story.

He may have dodged out of the way of the bullet, and then ran at the guy and threw him, but over the years the distance has got bigger, and the time it took him shorter.

Both great stories tho.

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