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Re: Ueshiba vs. Gun Squad

Steve Mullen wrote:
Wow, jeez ummm where to start. Right.

Weather or not this happened, lets have a look at a few things. O'sensei didn't have to move 25 meters in less time than it took the bullet to hit, he had to move probably about a foot as all of the shooters will have been aiming at his body, (6 guys, one point to aim at, one small body to clear from the point) If the were revolvers then, as has been mentioned there would have been a click before the bang, he could have started his move then. I think a lot of people are addressing this from a view point of modern gunsa and bullets. It would be nigh on impossible for it to happen today as guns fire a lot quicker and bullets move a lot faster.

But back then, guns weren't as quick, bullets as well made etc, so there was more time between trigger being pulled, bullet leaving barrel of gun and bullet travelling 25 meters, thats all he would have needed to move his body out of the way of any number of bullets that were all aimed at the same place.

As for covering the distance, how long does it take people to do a few long rolls down the full length of a matt if they are really trying. 25 meters isn't a lot, 3 maybe 4 seconds. so from initial click to smoke clearing id say that O'sensei had pleanty of time to get there, notice he always threw the guy on the outside = less chance of someone firing late. Take all that with the point someone made of how they would have had to yell fire to all do it at the same time.

Weather he did actually did it or not, to me is immeterial, its not why I started my aikido, BUT if it is why some people did start it then what is the problem? It got them coming to class and then their love of Aikido kept them there. How much good did the Karate Kid do for Karate in the west? LOADS is the answer, does anyone hear people saying "Daniel Larusso didn't really kick that guy in the face with a crane kick, if he had tried the guy would have blocked and broke his leg".

The only thing that everyone seems to agree on here is that O'Sensei was a formidable martial artist and the whole aikido world should be gratefull to him for giving us Aikido. His bullet dodging-ninja skills are just part of what makes up this legend of O'sensei, his skills in Martial arts and budo are what made Aikido, and no one can dispute that the old guy knew what he was talking about there.
Fair point(s) mate I'll just go shut up now
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