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Thanks to AikiWeb.../;-)


I just wanted to say thanks very much to AikiWeb site producers, and, also, to all of it's contributors, too.

As I'm new here...only just joined the site around 3 or so days back.

I'm also new to Aikido, as well(having taken only around 6/7 lessons).

And, so, for a newbie like me, exploring through these notice boards is especially wonderful. Because, I feel I'm already learning more and more about Aikido, and, in a lot more reading the comments of people who are far more highly experienced than me in this art...who have been where I've never been, before...and, so, I feel very much like an outsider who is being highly privellaged to get an insiders view.

I also think that coming along here to these boards inspires me to want to get involved with taking even more lessons...; because, I want to feel it and experience it as being an insider...and, not just as an outsider...just like many of you experts have, already, done.

Certainly, from reading thing is, especially, clear to me...Aikido is loads of FUN!!!

Thanks, again!/Take care!/Hope you ALL have a very HAPPY (and, highly SUCCESSFUL)- NEW YEAR!!!

Bye4now!/BEST wishes, always!/-Paul(UK/London)

PS: Have a NICE day!
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