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Personally, I've most thoroughly enjoyed reading through this particular discussion on Aikido...and, what matters most...Form/Flow/Power?

(As well as, indeed, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through all the rest of the AikiWeb site...including message board forums/polls/-etc.)

Mainly what I like most about AikiWeb's just GREAT that so many experienced Aikido people can agree to disagree on just about nearly everything!/LOL

And, so proving to me exactly what I had, originally, thought...that Aikido means so many different things to so many different kinds of people/personalities...and, so, there are many different ways to practice it...and, hence, it's very wide appeal to ever so many.

I myself am still nothing more than a total complete beginner...having taken only around, I think, it's about 6/7 Aikido lessons to date...3 with one same teacher...the rest with other teachers.

My own total beginners view is...for what's it's worth...-probably, not worth much, atall-...that as one person already's all 3 working in harmony togeather that do count, equally...which is what makes a technique work really well...or, otherwise, will seem rather having left something out?! I believe in the fullest possible union of form/flow/power...but, not just in Aikido, alone, though...also, in any other martial art, too, as well. To me the truly superior martial artist has a very high degree and level of development in all 3 of these very important areas.

As you, already, might have guessed...I like not just one martial art, alone; but, many. And, I recall how one time I used to think in terms of developing only 1 part, alone. Like a really good kick/or, a really good punch/or, fingers/a really good throw/or, hold...but, now-a-days, I no longer wish to work on any one single part, anymore. Instead, I wish to work only on the whole!

To me, now, it's having harmony that matters most. So, rather than aiming to do say press ups, all day/night long...I'd much rather settle for doing say 20 press ups/togeather with 20 sit ups/and, 20 knee bends...working on stamina/suppleness/speed/power...I've come to HATE working on just one disjointed part, alone...and, have actually come to LOVE working on the whole parts to work togeather as ONE. I think, concentrating on developing the whole to be in harmony all round...makes for a far better martial artist, as well as, far better all-rounded human being.

Bye4now!/BEST wishes, always!/-Paul(UK/London)

PS: Have a NICE day!
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