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Re: Financial Obligations and Sensei

Peter, Rocky, and Jorge,

Within Jiyushinkai, our money dealings are very similar to what you describe. It's what I learned from several of my teachers and have passed along. We don't try to imitate Japanese custom in form but rather in principle. It just seems like an appropriate way to have a continuing relationship in an ethical and equitable manner. We don't consider what we do together as business or trade. We really have nothing for sale. We try to keep all of our fees at a level that is affordable by anyone that is engaged in our practice.

With regards to my own income and outgo... I wouldn't mind having a "Hatsu san" to handle things for me, but no one has applied for the job that understands the job description. I do have several people close to me that help with their expert advice, etc. Somehow it works out. We all take care of each other as we go along in our practice together.

Thanks to all of you for your knowledge and willingness to share...

Best Regards,

Chuck Clark
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