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Does anyone know if Bart Simpson does any Aikido? And, if so, what rank is he...

-(You really don't have to answer that...because, it was just meant to be a joke./LOL/To illustrate just how far off topic we've gone...almost completely off base...; so, once more, returning to the topic...of Aikido...)-

Sometimes, I wonder is martial arts just a little bit incongruous, now...much like a dinosaur is...I mean, in the age of the gun/and, machine gun/and, bomb...what chance does a martial artist really have??? When even a totally untrained person with a gun, -and, from a safe distance,- can shoot any well trained martial artist stone cold dead!

See, what I'm trying to get at here is...when I go along to take martial arts's certainly not with the thought of ever becoming, truly, invincible...instead, it's more with the thought of developing self-understanding/self-control/inner peace/learning to both socialise, and, harmonize effectively with others/and, to remain young, fit, strong for entire life/as well as, having empty hand self-defence techniques to be able to resort, I can have some self-confidence whenever faced with a dangerous hand to hand combat situation.

But, if all I ever wanted to do was merely just to fight, alone...then, I think, it would be far more realistic for me to just go buy either a gun/or, a baseball bat, fighting that way is much quicker, and, easier, and, takes so much less time, money, effort to have to learn.

Thus, for me, martial arts is not really all about fighting. But, then, I'm not going to claim the total lie that it's not about learning to fight, atall. However, it's also about many other things which are far more important to me...than, preparing for the fight that never -or, hardly ever- happens...I haven't had a serious fight since age 14...and, I'm 38, right now.

Therefore, martial arts is mainly there to teach me all about self-conquest. How to control the ego from running away with putting myself above everybody else. Learning to respect others as much as I do respect myself. And, I learn this from the way I do very gently treat my UKE! Treat UKE good, and, they will treat you good when it's your turn to go for the fall...we get out exactly what we put in. But, put in crap...; and, we get back plenty of the same crap!

See, when I first went for Aikido lessons, I pushed down UKE hard...and, was warned to do it gently...but, being an over eager, in through one ear, then, straight out through the other...and, I pushed UKE down hard, again. Then, it was my turn to recieve falls...and, UKE pushed me down HARD...from this experience of, actually, being on the receiving end...I, finally, learnt to really treat UKE very carefully, much so that, now-a-days, the teacher comes up to me, and, says...why are you doing the technique so soft for...go harder. But, my style has changed, simply, through bitter experience.

Similarly, I used to be into the kick ass martial arts styles...kick/punch/knee/elbow/gouge/and, all that...but, then, one day I got around 2/3 people who, I guess, wanted to try their luck with me?! Well, as their attacks came toward me...I merely blocked/evaded/and, pushed them aside...without actually ever, once, hurting them.

As I was about to push them...I saw the self-defence targets...eyes/nose/throat/groin/knee/-etc. I knew these targets were all wide open real juicy invitations for me to ATTACK...but, I DID NOT ATTACK them there...because, a part of my mind told me...if I ATTACK HARD...they will want REVENGE...; but, if I merely block/evade/push them, softly...they will not be harmed in anyway, atall..and, therefore, they won't want to harbour any thoughts of REVENGE towards me, neither. And, it worked. In the end, they gave up, and, just let me pass.

I also think to myself of times when younger, and, somebody beat me up, or, even made me cry...then, I always thought about wanting my revenge. But, if somebody just played with me if I ever tried getting agressive with them...they could of beaten me/but, choose not to...then, we both, usually, laughed...then, just competely forgot about it.

This lesson of taking really good care of yourself, AND, equally, taking really good care of your opponent, as well...was a lesson which I mainly learnt from studying, Aikido.

Bye4now!/BEST wishes, always!/-Paul(UK/London)

PS: Have a NICE day!
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