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Re: Poll: What color is your aikido?

Hello Mark,

They were the same technically, but how were they different?
The spirit an alsoi they were differne ttechniqally I'm sure in many subtle ways. The notion was of not trying to change them techniqally, by moving my left foot two inches to the left or whatever. The uke experienced them as utterly different and took differnet ukemi. Air for example made him laugh and take a bouncy happy ukemi, but he reported it as 'unconvincing" martially. Fire he backed right away from and said it was kinda scary. I've done the same thing with emotions, anger (creates forward and outward movement), fear (backwards and in) joy (up and out) and sadness (down and in).

Just interesting games to experiment with, that show show intertwined the mental, emotional and pysical aspects are. Can sound a bit aii-fruity I know (I;n froma British Chiba tradition) but I've found them to be revealing and practical.
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