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Re: Financial Obligations and Sensei

Regarding it being said that in martial arts it is the student's job to look after the teacher - I think that this depends on the time in history and the culture. I've practiced martial arts where that is the last thing the teacher wants. I've also practiced arts where the teacher wishes he was looked after. For the record I've never had a teacher that I would consider to be anywhere near Takeda or Ueshiba's level. But I'm sure if a teacher was as good as they and wanted to make a business out of it they wouldn't have to much trouble getting students.

If a teacher cannot find students who want to look after him then he/she needs to look after themselves. If they choose to live out of a car, eat rice and beans etc then this is their choice. If a student wants to help out then that is their choice - if not also their choice.

Trying to persuade people to do what they did in "the good old days" and/or in completely different countries and cultures may not always work - although some times it seems to.
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