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Re: Aikido on the ground, questions.

Jorge - you're somewhat missing the point.
Before I get intot that though - the 90% of fights go to ground statistic probably comes from a study of altercations with police officers (and I beleive the figure has been inflated over time) - so yeah it's skewed as that's where the cops will be looking to take you.

Having said that, learning good ground defence isn 't about "what if I get attacked by a BJJer" It's not about "I want to take this street fight to the ground". It's about what do I do when it goes there against my will. Saying "i'll just stay on my feet" is the ostrich defence.

the interesting thing in hindsight about the first UFCs whas not how easily Royce won (that seems obvious in hindsight), but how even when there were two standup fighters in the cage, *both* of whom *wanted* to stay on their feet - it *still* went to the ground.

So having basic ground defence isn't about "training for every conceivable situation" it's about training for a very common one. Even if it's just enough to escape an inferior position, sweep, take top position, go to knee ride.

Much of your other arguments can be directed straight back at Aikido. How many aikidoka have been in a fight and used their techniques. Very few. Does that mean they should stop training? No because in terms of the martial aspect of what we do we train for the eventuality that we need it.

And remember that the OP was talking specifically about self defence application. No self defence program is complete without a workable ground component.

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