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Re: Article: An Aikido Journey: Part 10 by Peter Goldsbury

Roy Klein wrote:
Quick offtopic:
I 'love' it when people use this term so freely, without proper context. It shows how people find it easierr to dismiss and attack something they don't understand, or something that is harder to relate to. It goes beyond hobbies and relations, unfortunately, to a macro scale of politics and global human interaction.
Peter answered you comments better than I could have. I hadn't known that about MA-ists' complicity on bully-boy stuff.

But the Jpn have other reasons to be suspicious of MA. During the 15 year war (we call it WWII), the Jpn used MAs (through the Butokukai) to mobilize the populace into enthusiastic suicidal maniacs (then, a term of endearment).

This is where we get the term "DO," btw. It began to be distinguished from JUTSU in the 19-teens. It's a short-hand for Bushido (a newly minted tradition bearing almost no relation to actual Bushi/samurai), which the government was holding up as a romantic notion to unify the Jpn. There was Budo, which we all know and love, but also Kendo (named in 1930), and even Sportsdo. Everything was susceptible to the program. That's why GHQ banned MAs, not because they were dangerous.

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