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Re: Poll: What color is your aikido?

What a great question for Sunday morning?

I took a look at the results(cheated before I answered) and saw that at this early stage there are a lot of "white aikidoka" out there. Why" white". Modesty? Beginners? Still Learning? Have Progressed through all the colors and are now back at white?

Thinking about it, other martial arts start at white then progress through yellow, orange etc and then end up at black, from where they try to wear out the black so it is back to white.

Personally I have worked up to black, but now feel that I'm started over again. Not quite at white as I am not as innocent as when I began, but at a point now where I can really focus on learning the techniques.

Now I can work my way through all those colors again, up to black, and then do it all again.


P.S. forgot to add I chose yellow !!!
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