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Re: Financial Obligations and Sensei

Lets just say the Sensei doesnt manage the finances too well.Behind on the rent and relying on the senior students to make up the difference for rent, dues, insurance and seminar mat fees. Sensei hasnt worked a regular job in a number of years, but has been a good teacher and friend.
One of the senior students is in a situation and can no longer help out on the financial front and is having a hard time coming to terms with it.The senior student has always contributed 110% and fears that Sensei has come to expect the financial support.
The students are working harder at maintaining the dojo than the sensei is. The sensei hasn't had a regular job in a number of years. What is he doing with the time he is not teaching Aikido if he is not working? Is he using his good friends to support his hobby. If he is serious about teaching his Aikido then he would find a way to do it without it being a burden to his students. Mixing business, friends ( family too) and money (especially yours) is a very volatile mixture that can easily become no business, no friends and no money (yours) and maybe no family. I have been there and done that more then once.
If the students are keeping the dojo alive, maybe they need to find a new sensei for their dojo.
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