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Re: Financial Obligations and Sensei

Hi Anon

When the students have to contribute extra to cover rent etc. do you see it as helping a friend / teacher?, or do you see it as helping the dojo?

I think that the answer to this question will tell you whether you are dealing with a non-profit org or a private business.

In any event, I think that honesty and clear communication are the answer.

It sounds from your last post as if there is a level of resentment from the students that your sensei does not have an additional income and expects you to carry the shortfall. This cannot be good for the dojo or for your relationship with your teacher. One thing that I have learned recently (from reading on this forum) is that in order to make good decisions you need to understand all relevant parties perspectives. Therefore clear communication is essential.

I will not rehash what Michael mentioned, but I think that he was on the money (excuse the pun). My last piece of advice would be to act sooner rather than later, financial problems do not tend to improve when left unattended.

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