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One teacher I very much admire would always write out on the board before class the techniques and/or weapons katas we were going to cover. After watching him do this for a couple of weeks, I decided if he took the time to write them down, I should be taking the time to copy them. If there was a phrase I didn't know, I'd ask and fill it in my book (eg, 'zenpo' means uke will roll, often in a technique I'd be called up to uke for )...sometimes I put in the thing I'd learned that night (good or bad) about the technique, or foot work for a technique or kata, or even who my partner was and what I'd learned about how they were as ukes (I definately know who will get sankyo exclusively in randori ). I've got many of these little notebooks stashed all over my library and bedroom, some day I may even copy them over neatly. Anyway, one way of remembering things.
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