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Hi Paul,

Flattering me doesn't work, I'm still mean and obnoxious. And obviously, without a life. I'm also extremely lucky to have a dojo that is open 365 days a year, so...with 1-3 hours of class a day (depending on which city I was in, what day of the week) and a nice government job that allows me free evenings and weekends (short of war), and a comfortable paycheck to cover 6 seminars that year, it was not all that great a feat. I just told myself I had to attend 365 days of class in the dojo I'd moved to before deciding if I fit in or not.

But lots of classes doesn't guarantee skill (ask any who've met me) and one of the sensei's told me he thought I'd do better if I didn't come so often. But it's a sad tale, not much else going on in my life

I guess the important thing is trying to figure out what the goal is and why (for me, 365 days of class to be sure it wasn't a rash decision that I didn't fit in, for you perhaps 100 classes to see if you can focus on one thing and progess in it?), but I don't try to put too much emphasis on outcome (eg, then I will be A LOT--100 or 700 times?-- better).

Good luck on your hours next year!
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