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Re: Poll: How active are you in your aikido dojo's community?

This may be controversial, but I don't believe that a dojo can ever be a community. It is too traditional and hierarchical for the individuals involved in it to ever have the flexibility and ego control to truly be a community.

A true community allows for floating leadership, equality and many other things that are simply not permitted within the comparative ranking system which underpins a dojo.

Sure you can volunteer and help out, sweep the floor, turn up to all the classes, take the mat fees, be a helpful member. But sensei and / or the dojo-cho will be making all the important decisions, often without group consultation.

This suits most people fine, as they are there to learn Aikido and don't have any interest in being a member of a community, as this involves taking on responsibilities that most folk are not prepared to accept.

I see the model of a dojo as being more like that of a family, with the senior members making the important decisions and the junior members learning from them.

Feel free to disagree!

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