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Hi Colleen,

You said you went to 700 lessons, and, all in less than one single year, alone!

I'm thinking you should be highly recommended to have a well deserved place in the Guiness Book Of Records.

Because, just thinking about going along to 700 lessons, makes me want to completely collapse!

I mean, I went to 10 lessons in a year, and, I can't even remember all -or, even any?!- of the techniques they taught me...; so, therefore, I'm wondering to myself...if a person went along to 700 would they remember all of 700 lessons worth of techniques?!

I guess, at that point all techniques become totally unconcious...and, are executed, therefore, without hardly any thinking, there would be far too many specific techniques to have to remember, anyway...I suppose, this is where all the techniques do, suddenly, blend into becoming one...where you just, automatically, connect one technique onto another you, effortlessly, blend your own moves in with the opponents moves...smoothly going along with the flow of the constantly changing situation.

But, I'm nowhere near there, yet. And, indeed, am still wondering if I ever will be able to get anywhere near there???

I always figured an expert is way beyond technique because they already know far more than it is, actually, possible to recollect, a beginner might know 10 techniques with 100 variations...but, an expert might know 10,000 techniques...with 1 million different variations...and, still be learning more and more new techniques every single day!

Or, is there ever a point where learning new techniques, quite suddenly, you already know it all...and, instead, you now concentrate just on being entirely selective...choosing only the very best techniques to suit yourself...both mentally/physically...and, working on perfecting only those select few techniques, alone/and, of course, also perfecting their numerous variations, as nearly all techniques do have a number of variations, I guess?!

Anyway, just me thinking out loud here(as usual)...

But, I've only just far to date I've written merely 1 single posting, alone...; but, you it appears have written 100's of posts to the AikiWeb message boards...; thus, I guess, you must be one of those people who tend to do absolutely everything, prolifically, and, also, very well, I must say...; I was tempted to try and read through all of your posts in one go...; but, instead, I've only read through mere snippets of them, tonight...because, I am ever so tired and do wish to get to bed having been up all morning/day/evening/night long staring at this computer screen...; but, tomorrow, I will read them in a lot more depth, I promise.

Sincerely, I wish very GOOD LUCK to...The Utterly Amazing Lady, and, also, Supreme Queen Of AikiWeb Message Boards!

Bye4now!/BEST wishes, always!/-Paul(UK/London)

PS: Have a NICE day!
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