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Re: Aikido on the ground, questions.

I agree that on the street "anything can happen" but ending on the ground is a really bad idea on the street, and if all you know is BJJ, that's exactly where you'll try to be.
Why is it a bad idea.. Because in the street your opponent might have a knife. and if you're in "guard", which is good for sparring, it's not good at all to avoid a stab. If he has friends around, and ur on "Mount", or doing Juje Gatami, you're still in big trouble. Running away when ur in full contact is hard.
And how're u gonna end the battle, with him tapping on the floor? Wouldn' it be nicer to send him flying towards a cement wall?

While useful in sparring, I think that in a real life situation you'd want to stay up as much as possilble.

That said, I too trained a bit in BJJ, and I too found that if that's your concern, 6 months to a year of BJJ will give you enough tools to handle almost every groundwork situation.

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