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Re: Aikido on the ground, questions.

Ryan Doherty wrote:
That being said, here are my questions:
Do you ever think (being an Aikidoka) that you might (in a self defense situation) end up fighting on the ground?
Probably. On the street, anything can happen. Sometimes people may even grab a dog's tail and swing it at you, you have to be prepared for all contingencies you know.

If so, what do you do about this?
Anti-Canine Defense, ACD (TM) and Judo if you have time and money.

Does Aikido provide any tools for this situation, or do you look to other arts for the answer to this situation?
I look elsewhere for things that aikido do not provide. I do not ask my dentist for tax related question.

Thank you very much.
I try my best.


SHOMEN-ATE (TM), the solution to 90% of aikido and life's problems.
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