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Hey Peter R.

I have trained in Aikido for a number of years and also teach. I see your point of view and don't disagree.

But, I think our difference comes only in wording. You say there is Flow in good Kata(your definition of Form) and I agree. So, shouldn't there already be a good understnding of Flow in order to obtain this proper Kata(Form)?

I guess it's the Taisabaki(Body movement... doesn't just mean getting out of the way in my opinion) in your Kata that I find has to be there first?!?

A final note:

Good Aikido is very fluid, no doubt, but good fluidity is not necessarily good Aikido.

I find that avoiding a punch even if you don't get a technique the first go by is good Aikido. (1. you don't get hit, 2. you don't stand and use agression against agression)

But, we can agree to disagree with each others wording I suppose.

I also agree as I have said in my former articles with HillBilly. An unfair question indeed.

It's all as important and if we keep stopping to analyze Aikido we have no Flow Form or Power and are getting too caught up in thinking. Aikido is best learnt by physical practice(yes there is time for your 'Sensei' to teach you theories).

This is a which came first in good Aikido question, not which is more important.

It should have read:

Which comes first in good Aikido?:

I don't do Aikido
The Chicken
OR the Egg?

Yours in the way

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