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Re: Aikido on the ground, questions.

Ryan Doherty wrote:
I have a question.

First off, I do not live under a bridge - lol
Secondly, I'm just curious and I don't mean to project a message of "Aikido is not a good Martial Art".

That being said, here are my questions:

Do you ever think (being an Aikidoka) that you might (in a self defense situation) end up fighting on the ground?
If not, Why?
If so, what do you do about this?
Does Aikido provide any tools for this situation, or do you look to other arts for the answer to this situation?
If Aikido provides those tools, please explain..

Thankyou very much.
I tested myself (basically on a challenge that I was immature enough to take up).

1)Yoshokai seems to be implementing/exposing quite a bit of ground work in their style. I've seen some of it. I would say that it's simply demonstrating on the ground what they do on their feet.

2)During my challenge, the only time I could be taken down is when I allowed people to get hold of me. That took great effort on my part because I kept getting hold of fingers. Also, since I was so limited in the range of atemi in a "sparring" environment and limited on techniques I could use (it's not like I could grab anyone and take them on a first-control 180-- they didn't train to take that safely) I'd just let them grab me and go from there.

My Aikido made it amazingly difficult for anyone to take me down before I was totally exhausted (except for a BEAUTIFUL throw that I'll always be thankful for from a guy that weighed about fifty lbs less and half a foot shorter than me).

I CONSTANTLY had to hold back from exploiting openings.

When on the ground, it was the same. My Aikido kept me out of danger zones and it kept me in a position of control--the fundamentals were identical.

To answer your questions:

I don't know if I'll ever be on the ground or not. Maybe someone will creep into my house one night and be on me before I wake up.

Head-to-head or a couple-heads-to-me, I don't know for sure--there's no way to know--but I feel pretty good about staying on my feet.

The why: Because in the process of going to the ground, there's just too many openings that can be exploited.

I hear groundfighters laugh about the "I'll stick my finger in their eye" type responses. However, when you lean towards someone to grab them, you are dead. You've given your center. When you extend your arms, you've given away a lever.

I believe, in the way we train, there is an answer for everything. This opinion varies from others, take it or leave it. I tested it for myself. I found it to be true.

I hope that helps.

BTW: I suspect that your line of question--in consideration of another thread-- is motivated by what seems to be the natural tendency of martial artists not to trust the technique. Just my opinion, but I've found that Aikido is what you--the practitioner--make it. A fifty yr. old woman is going to find a different Aikido than the twenty yr. old bouncer. Aikido will fit what ever opening in your life you have--whether techniques for a given situation, social outlet, intellectual challenge, emotional fulfillment, etc. It's all there...but, in that respect, that's true of everything...If you wish typing on your keyboard to become those things, all you have to do is look for it.

BTW: The above "challenge" involved getting it on with between twenty to thirty guys of various levels--low kyu to third or fourth dan--all weights, all heights. It was a lot of fun and very informative.

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