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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Aikido on the ground, questions.

If you look at the bottom of this page, you will see a section entitled Similar threads. Also, you can use the search feature. Your question is very general, so it would be hard to answer without writing a tome. But, here are a few quick thoughts:

Do you ever think (being an Aikidoka) that you might (in a self defense situation) end up fighting on the ground?
Yes, anything could happen.
If so, what do you do about this?
A) the best you can
B) Depends on the situation
C) If someone attempted a wrestling double or single leg take down, I would probably use a combination of a sprawl and a 45 degree pivot, combined with controling their head, check for multiple opponants, if none, and the ground is not too uncomfortable a surface, drop all the way to my knees and use suwari waza (kneeling techniques). Rather than risk giving them a dramatic takedown and superior position. My wrestling days are long over.

Does Aikido provide any tools for this situation, or do you look to other arts for the answer to this situation?
I know many people who do bjj as well as aikido...some dojo actually have separate classes in bjj available to their aikido students.

If Aikido provides those tools, please explain..
See above.


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