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Re: intuition vs. speed

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Nce post George. The problem for me is that I still work in the realm of timing...and I still stink at it...

Frankly, I think that this stuff is easier to get at, at least it was for me, via the sword. That may be because there isn't anyone I train with who is so highly ranked in karate or some empty hand style that they are fast enough to force me to discover these elements. But I have several students who are studying kenjutsu with Relnick Sensei. My Assistant Chief Instructor is really excellent, a true swordsman, which I am not. If I play with him, I have to use all of this or hee is apt to get me.

My partner, Genie Rivers, is a former national championship fencer. She and I have talked about this at length and she did exactly the same types of things. She once defeated the women's junior chapion by simply walking forward holding her epee out in front of her and backing the girl off the strip repeatedly. She ended up throwing down her sword and crying she was so frustrated.

You can see Ushiro Sensei do this. He projects his intention outwards and then moves forward in an instant to the spot at which he now owns the space between you. There simply is no forward movement you can make to attack him without being struck yourself. It's as if he has joined his will to yours and you can't act separately any more. He actually won a full contact bout in Europe by doing this to a Kung Fu guy and backing him off the mat repeatedly. The guy wasn't able to throw a punch.

Anyway, now that I understand what i am trying to do I can also do it with my empty hand but I still tend to refine my understanding with the sword first and then apply what I know to my emptyhand. It may be just how I process.

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