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Amir Krause
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Re: intuition vs. speed

David Orange wrote:
This is the kind of thing that doesn't matter if the attacks are unarmed or unrealistic. But if the attacker is using a sword, all those "stand in one spot and fight" types are going to be split down the middle. Make the effort from the beginning to develop proper technique and it will not fail you. Shortcuts will get you lost, if not killed.

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I am not an expert swordsman. When I saw our Shihan, who learned most of his weapons work in Koryu styles, I found his movement to be much smaller then most.

Sword avoidence at expert levels is something you do not see until after the fact, when the sword is down and you find out it did not reach the target, while the "target" is hitting you, seemingly without any movement. Large movements would get you cut while moving, the edge of the sword is much faster then you are, and the mae is such that if you intuit and move, the sword attack can be modified to adjust for it, that is unless you hit a very narrow timing window and keep your movement as small as possible.

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