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Re: Martial artist / Aikidoka

Sid Dagore wrote:
Thats like saying, "Is tai chi a martial art"?
or "is someone who does tai chi a martial artist"?

The answer, generally, is a profound no, because some idiot got hold of it and got rid of every last drop of martial intent.

Thus, most tai chi "master"'s would get severly hurt in a fight.

All I can do is pray that aikido doesn't go the same way.

I have trained in both yang style tai chi and chi kung under the same man, and trust me this guy would not get hurt in a fight (and he would not just push his opponent away). I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone as devestating or felt such power behind strikes/locks/throws as he had. The speed appeared slow but was so fast you did not know what had hit you (it's hard to describe accurately). this man was pushing 70 and could still take down a proffesional body builder who was a 2nd dan kickboxer and a blackbelt in karate (as well as a few other bits and bobs) with no effort almost as soon as he attacked! I saw it with my own eyes on more than one occasion (and said brute was not pulling any punches!).

However, I do agree that most practioners do not study the martial side of the art which is a shame as it is sooo much like akido in it's principles and philosophy.
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