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David Orange
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Re: intuition vs. speed

David Orange wrote:
This is the kind of thing that doesn't matter if the attacks are unarmed or unrealistic. But if the attacker is using a sword, all those "stand in one spot and fight" types are going to be split down the middle. Make the effort from the beginning to develop proper technique and it will not fail you. Shortcuts will get you lost, if not killed.

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What I meant to say is that aikido is designed to avoid SWORD attacks first and foremost. Everything we do unarmed is based on what we do when the attacker has a sword.

If you develop something good against an unarmed attacker, it may be worth nothing at all when the attacker has a sword.

I don't know how much most modern aikidoka practice for sword avoidance, but that is the real essence of aikido technique. It is illusion to develop anything else.

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