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Greg Jennings
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akiy wrote:
What are all of your thoughts on the term, "shugyo"?
-- Jun [/b]
To start off, let me say that I suspect my feeling of "shugyo" is probably off the mark with respect to the Nihongo term.

"Shugyo" for me requires austerity. Some examples are:

Giving up:
Sleep, entertainment (including BTVS), hot meals, the hope of one day owning a Toyota Landcruiser, razor sharp creases on my trousers, a manicured lawn, all but the very rare Dos Equis w/ Lime ....

Dealing with:
Constant injuries of varying degree, friends and family that think I'm nuts for training, constant badgering from my wife (man, did she hate it when I put in the new mat), really rude and/or clueless people coming through the dojo, the eccentricities of my Sensei, beginning or returning students cranking on my permanently sore right elbow ....

And worst of all, it means missing this year's Aikido-L seminar because I'm totally committed to my shodan grading this year.

Greg Jennings
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