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Re: Poll: How strong of an existence will aikido have in a hundred years?

John Riggs wrote:
The key to perpetuation of the art as we know it is the success those who studied with the founder have in teaching the next generation. If they are able to pass down the "secrets" or "essence" of the art to the next generation, we may see it continue in its present form.
But since we can't transmit it perfectly, doesn't this leave us as nothing more than archivists, trying to slow the rate at which our art inevitably becomes moth eaten and useless, rather than practitioners of a living, improving art?

I tend to the view that we should ask what's the best way of doing something rather than what's the traditional way, but always remember that the traditional way is normally the way it is for a very good reason. Obviously if a great master, after years of study and training has decided that we should do something one way, then I'm not going to wake up one day and decide to do it another. But if another great master, after more study and training, decides that the other way makes more sense, either in the context of how we live and learn in the present day or just in general terms, then I'm fine with that.
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