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Eek! Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

Jason Jordan wrote:
I want an entire room of my house laid with tatami... Ah heck might as well just build a dojo in the house, never know when the fellas might drop by.

yeah i know the feeling!!! do you also sleep with your boken? better be safe... well i rather prefer to be surprised let them come!!! eheheheheh

gosh now that i come to think about..there was one day that i was alone at home and i heard some noise in the backwards. some REAL NOISE! i was so scrared that i picked my tanto and went alone to discover the danger... i haven't seen a thing of course propably the wind... Panic is sure a bad thing...

see??? have to practice a lot more.. i was out of control!!!! WORK WORK WORK!!!!

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