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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

Aline Filipe wrote:
I'm not alone!!!!! i'm not alone!!!

you're an aikido addicted if..
1. there's no other known compliment as bow.
2. whenever someone tells to do something you answer "Hai!"
3. you skip so much school for Aikido classes that teachers already know where you are
4. you're best friends are from Aikido
5. you just go out with aikido people
6. your other half does AIkido (now tell me isn't it almost crucial?)
7. you're always trying to put family in the dojo
8. you wanted to cover the floor with mat
9. if you continue with this post you would feel yourself too much alienated... yeah... better not to think!!!

i'm a regular and not twisted person I am!!!

Number 8 is me all day long.... Doesn't the soft, yet firmness of good tatami just feel good to your feet????

I want an entire room of my house laid with tatami... Ah heck might as well just build a dojo in the house, never know when the fellas might drop by.
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