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Re: I opened a dojo.

Rene Vencer, Jr wrote:
question regarding this...

I came across sensei(s) who travel a lot... some rent space in a gym to teach, others teach out in public (like in a park)

they have all the nesecarry credentials, and skills to teach... but does a set up like this qualify as a "dojo" ?
Semantics that's all - but dojo basically means a "place for studying the way" and that sort of implies a location rather than a group of people. I'm lucky to have access to dedicated facilities for rent and surprise surprise most shihan in Japan do it exactly the same way - few work out of their own facilities. I personally would call a group that meets occaisionally in the park a "study group" but call it what you will it really makes no real difference.

Ricky Wood wrote:
I like your advise Peter.
I focus my classes on the USAF kyu test requirements. That way my students can eventually test for rank.
I would feel much more comfortable doing it if I had weekly access to my sensei as I did in Okinawa. But those times are gone and now I do what I can to train and perhaps some of it will be beneficial to those poor souls whom I have conscripted into service as uke's.
I do have one very good student who helps me keep the dojo alive.
2 of my 3 son's train with me as well which is good, I think. They seem to like it. As long as I have somebody to train with I ham happy.
Is that selfish?

In Canada I did not have weekly access to my sensei (in fact none) but he knew what I was doing. I liked Jorge's story - a great example of how support appears when you keep people informed.

I understand poor souls - dragged my wife and kid to Aikido. They dutifully came until I had enough (their definition) and then took a powder.

Groups start small and get bigger - its the nature of the beast. Developing a good core is far more important than pulling in numbers since that core will determine the quality of your group.

There was an ex-olympic Judo guy and now 6th Dan Aikido in the Shodokan Honbu dojo who answered my fit of nervousness about opening up my first dojo - "If you are good people will come". Again - develop that core.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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