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Rocky Izumi
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Re: Paying for testing?

Michael Meister wrote:
I a not really familiar with the inside workings of the organisation. I pay my monthly fees for the club (Thats' been 54 Euro/ 3 months. I'm moving to England, it will be a bit more over there) , and a yearly fee (25-30 Euro) for the organisation. What the fees for the seminars cover, I do not know exactly, but it sure covers flight (England-Germany) and accomodation of Sensai. The cost for seminars are usually from 5-20 Euro per unit (1 1/2- 2 hours), cheaper for students and unemployed, dan-seminars are usually more expensive than general units.
Thanks Michael. That is very much appreciated. It appears that your monthly fees, annual fees, and seminar fees probably cover the costs I mentioned. Up till this month, our monthly fees were Bbds$30 or Euro $12.14 (US$15). We had to raise the monthly fees to Bbds$50 or Euro $20.23 (US$25) to cover our rent which comes to Euro $161.81 (US$200). If people don't come for a full month, they don't pay their monthly fees so we often only collected about Euro $150 per month. Annual fees are still Eur $20.23 (US$25). Three day/20 hour seminars were Euro $40.45 (US$50) for normal seminars and Euro $80.90 (US$100) for ones with Kawahara Sensei. So we are paying about Euro $4.00 per hour for seminars with Kawahara Sensei and half that for normal seminars. Those seminars with Kawahara Sensei we run at a deficit since his plane fare and hotel cost us about Euro $2500-$3000 and we only gross about Euro $2000 from fees. What extra money we got from our main dojo went to support the start-up dojo in the other countries who do not contribute to the Caribbean Federation. The only fees we collect from the other dojos comes from the testing fees.

It would be difficult and costly from dojos on the other islands to collect fees and transfer money to the Caribbean Federation from their monthly and annual fees due to exchange controls so we operate on a cash only basis so it seems collecting funds from testing fees seems to be the best answer so far. The other dojos can't afford to pay seminar fees to cover instructor expenses so they just buy a plane ticket for the instructor in their own country, then get the instructor to stay at someone's home instead of at a hotel unless I can arrange for my company to subsidise my expenses in teaching a seminar.

I am still looking for some way to improve our financial procedures and fees so I would welcome any advice or suggestion. The only thing I cannot really do is to raise the fees any higher since it is already becoming burdensome for the members. A number of our students spend over a month's salary to attend Aikido Summer Camp in Canada or the US. I really can't ask them to do more than that.

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