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Re: I opened a dojo.

I started my first dojo when I was Shodan - my second one also but I graded a month after that.

In the first case there were half decent Aikikai types in the area that I trained with and continued to train with - just that there were things I was interested in vis a vis my style that weren't being covered.

In the second case (I moved back to Japan) there were also good Aikido dojos in the area but my Shihan insisted I open a dojo rather than train with someone else (I travel to Honbu once a week).

So a few comments.
Better to feel unqualified than to figure you are the best that's ever been - keeps you on your toes.

Teach what you know - that tends to be the most useful stuff for a young dojo.

Grab family and friends just to get some numbers up and the dojo moving but start thinking where you want to dojo to go. In my second dojo none of the people I dragged in at first are still with me but the numbers are greater and my personal training is better. This ballencing act is the toughest to pull off.

Don't isolate yourself. Talk to your teacher in Okinawa about what is the best way.

Good luck.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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