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Re: Brawling with a friend

If I'm reading this right he had 3 weeks of training. It sounds to me that he kept his distance, and kept his hands up. All very good things. I'm not sure if you can attribute 3 weeks of training to any conceptual skill gain. I'd love to belive his aikido training helped him, and had it been months of years I would agree. I'd say this was just blind instinct helping keep him safe. It sounds like he brawled (which is not really aikido) and besides some banged up hands, made it out safe. Thats a good thing. I'm glad he's ok. But I dont think 3 weeks of aikido training (or any other training for that matter) played a part in that situation.

If soemone said they got in a fight after 2 weeks of boxing training and they stuck their hands up and the guy couldn't hit them, however they couldn't seem to figure out how to fight back, and just kept their distance with their hands in front of their face, I would not attribute boxing to saving the. I'd call it common sense.

I'm sure in his case he would attribute it to his 3 weeks of training rather then blind luck or instinct. But with just 3 weeks of training, and without watching what went down, I simply can't. It sounds like he moved in, kept punching (he says he hit him 12 or 13 times) to keep him defensive with the guy wildy swung back. I've fought with guys on the defensive like that, tipically they dont hit you because their not aiming.

Now if we are to go with the assumption his training taught him proper distance and movement, we also have to point out his training did not teach him the proper way to use any of his 'offensive' techniques as he couldn't end the attack, all he could do was press and rain down punches.

- Don
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