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Re: Brawling with a friend

I just wanted to correct you on one thing.

I said "Sport fighting can reason that they are actually using their technqiues against a person trying to do the same." Meaning sparing using your techniques against a person trying to use their techniques.

Other than that I was trying to respond to the ideas posed. You said "Also you have to remember that "on the Street," the other person won't know what you know and you won't know what he knows. So it's unlilely he'll know how to counter you. Furthermore, trained martial artists are rare in our culture.", and I showed you how I feel that is false. I know more tough guys who used to be wreslters then tough guys who didn't used to be wrestlers. It just so happens that tough guys are the ones usually starting trouble, not the computer nerd.

You are right on the rest, it is simply individual ideas on how to train. But that doesn't mean we should not argue about it. It's all the more reason to share our ideas, examples, history, and argue about it. Its not about SBG being right and aikido being wrong, or judo being right and japanese jiujitsu being wrong. Its about finding the correct path with all the applicable information and ideas. I'm not going to train kata (well except maybe when i'm too old to compete in judo), your not going to get in a ring anytime soon (unless I've miss-read you). But that doesn't mean each of us can't learn something from each other and apply it to our training. I've learned a lot from aikidoka. My time in aikido opened my eyes to a lot of things and had big impact in how I did and did not want to train. Like I said, its not about aikido, it's about arguing the merrits and flaws of training methods. However it seems a few posters want to turn this into a what is more effective fighting style argument, I'm just trying to shape it into more effective training method argument.

- Don
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein
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