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Re: Brawling with a friend


Most RBSD dojos don't really get it. They contrive scenarios and practice those scenarios with in the parameters that they assume will happen. The ones that I have been to make many wrong assumptions about what occurs. Many are about making money and appeal to the irrational emotions and fear that people have concerning violence and attacks.

They offer what is seemingly logical attacks that they say you will encounter in real life and that is what they practice.

If they were true in what they practiced, they would be out of business in a short time, because the point is, that you can be taught what to do in most situations in a short time, or that you are going to be so overwhelmed that you won't have a chance. Not a way to make money in commmercial enterprise.

Sure there are advantages to fighitng on uneven ground, and street clothing etc. However, in realty, and I believe you state it, Thugs don't care about your training, they seize the advantage and make damn sure that they can take you, way before you consider them. They typically attack soft targets. I could go on and on....but the point is, RBSD appeal to fear and emotions that typically do very little in a real fight.

Now to sport fighting and MMA. There are some good skills to be garnered out of this type of fighitng, fighting spirit, will to go on, how to overcome adrenalin and emotions, anaerobic overload and the like.

Will it ultimately help you survive a real encounter? who knows?

If you really get at the core of RBSD, you will find that typically there is not much there that is of real value over a TMA or MMA dojo training. Mainly warm and fuzzies.
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