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Re: I opened a dojo.

Ricky Wood wrote:
thanks all.
George, believe me i don't take it lightly.
i have always preferred being a student over being a teacher.
it's just that i left my sensei in Okinawa.
i really have no choice if i want to train on a regular basis.
the nearest Aikido dojo is 80 miles away.
and i really do love to train. in fact, in 2 weeks my wife is dragging me along on a business trip. i don't mind because we're going to Portland and while my wife is at work I'll be "playing" at a couple of dojos in Portland. i rarely miss a chance to train.

so far i haven't had to worry about "taking" too many peoples money as i have only 3 regular students, 2 of which are my children whom i have somewhat conscripted into service. the 3rd is a fairly advanced student whom i learn from as well as teach. i am only an unaffiliated shodan, therefore i do not offer "ranking."

hey eyrie, maybe i'll call it Playtime Dojo.

actually i have adopted the name of Barstow Aikikai for now.
soon i want to become a non-profit organization. i have another name in mind when i do that.
my main focus right now is offering basic Aikido instruction to foster children and their families through the Greater Hope Foundation For Children. they are the ones kind enough to donate the space for my dojo.
Well, good luck. If you get up to the Seattle area, drop in.

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