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Re: Brawling with a friend

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
assumption you make is that most dojo's are in the center. You need to explain your criteria a little more as I do not agree.
You may not agree, but this doesn't mean I need to explain it any more, as I am not trying to convince you.

MMA/UFC sport fighitng is definitely closer to reality than the "normal" dojo. In the normal dojo you are practicing budo, or kata, or a number of things that do not approimate even closely the stress, variables, and reality of a real fight.
RBSD dojos, which train on uneven ground, different lighting, with trash on the ground, etc., which is certainly more real situation than MMA/UFC sport fighting.

..there are many other variables such as element of suprise, weapon disparity, condition of the people, number of people etc that come into play.
Definitely. I chose the ones I thought were most relevant; level of contact, and how likely the situation is to be found in real daily life.

A secret of internal strength?:
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